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Sales Insights in your Win/Loss Review Process

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Many companies ignore the potential benefit of capturing and using insight directly from their sales teams within their win/loss review process.  Instead they have built a program around customer interviews with a belief they provide a more unbiased opinion.  But there is information the sales teams have that customers won’t and it makes sense to us that you should collect information from both customers and partners on why deals are being won or lost. Read Entire White Paper: Incorporating Sales Team Insights into a Win Loss...

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Ignite Insight™ Overview

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Your customers, partners and sales team have unique competitor, product and marketplace insights that can help drive your sales, marketing and product strategies.  Harness that knowledge and win more deals with Ignite Insight™. Review, download and share a two-page overview of our new release, Ignite Insight™ Rel 2.1 Ignite Insight

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Ignite Insight Rel 1.0

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Catch a glimpse of the past…see the original Ignite Insight™ Rel 1.0 launch video.   Ignite Insight Rel 1.0

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Gartner – How to Implement a Win/Loss Program

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Marketing Essentials: How to Implement a Win/Loss Program Author: Richard Fouts One of the best ways marketing informs the product road map — while enabling sales — is with accurate win/loss intelligence. However, most marketing executives conduct win/loss without much rigor — against a few select deals that focus mostly on losses. But why we win reveals intelligence that is just as actionable. This document helps marketing executives augment their competitive intelligence (CI) with win/loss data, with a program that delivers comprehensive...

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Insight Win/Loss Intelligence Software

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Ignite Intelligence Solutions announces the release of Ignite Insight™ Win/Loss Intelligence software. Press Release

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