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Ignite Insight™

Insight™ by Ignite is the first widely available win/loss review software tool for sales teams, product management, and marketing organizations that creates an internal crowd-sourcing environment for capturing and sharing intelligence behind why deals are won or lost.


Ignite Insight Win/Loss Review Software Coverage

Our SaaS platform integrates with your existing CRM software and extends its capabilities, allowing you to immediately start collecting deal intelligence from customers, partners and your sales teams and deliver it to the people who can most benefit from it – in real-time.

Insight™ provides instant access to:

  • Winning sales tactics
  • Successful negotiation strategies
  • Internal and external resources that resonate with customers
  • Competitor strengths and weaknesses and how to sell around them
  • Direct customer feedback that can shape future sales approaches

Sales organizations from any industry or region can capitalize on this data to enhance future sales approaches and win more deals. In addition, other corporate teams can use this information to guide marketing activities, identify competitive threats, and augment product roadmaps.

Capture the wisdom of your sales organization, customers and partners and transform it into actionable insight. Win more deals with Ignite Insight™: win/loss intelligence software.

Everyone wins through Insight™.


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