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Quickly Capture What Matters Most

It isn’t the volume of information that matters, it’s the value of the information you collect and share!

Capture what matters to your company

Whether you are focused on collecting information from customers or looking for insight from your sales team and partners, you can capture what matters most through Ignite Insight™.

In less than 5 minutes sales professionals can provide their key experiences for others to learn from, and interview scripts can be tailored so customers and partners provide actionable data for everyone in your organization.

But that’s not all.  Ignite Insight™ also allows you to collect and share Best Practices, Winwires, Customer Reference Case Studies and more.  It’s a single solution that your sales and corporate teams can easily leverage.

Easy to enter, easy to access.  It’s a few minutes that lead to more deals won.  A pretty easy value proposition.

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