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Who Benefits?

Sales Teams

Sales Teams

Empowering Sales Teams to Close More, Faster

In a noisy, hyper-competitive, information overload digital marketplace the role of sales professional has become more daunting than ever. Insight™ from Ignite Intelligence Solutions empowers sales professionals and sales leaders, saving time and helping exceed quota by giving access to real-time winning sales team insights and direct competitive insight from your customers.  It’s insight for sales teams!

For sales professionals

Sales manager benefits

For sales leaders

Sales leader benefits

Product Managers

Product Managers

Contributing to the Bottom Line

Direct product manager sales feedback can help prioritize development and discover market needs. Ignite Insight™ captures and consolidates sales force intelligence, customer and partner feedback and transforms it into actionable information that helps product teams focus energies and money on development and enhancements that address identified needs in the marketplace.


product manager sales feedback benefits


Marketing Managers

Marketing Managers

Competitive Win/Loss in Real-Time

Ignite Insight™ is designed to deliver to marketing teams sales feedback that can influence marketing spend and the development of sales support tools.

Insight™ will capture key input from customers, partners and sales teams around deals being won and lost and then immediately share that information with the teams that need it – like Marketing!

Your marketing team can rely on Insight™ to help them understand in real-time what’s influencing the behaviors of prospective customers. Gain insight on what customers are hearing, where they are going for knowledge, what messages resonate with them, and just as important – what isn’t working.


marketing team sales feedback benefits



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