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Marketing Managers

In today’s digital world, the definition of a marketing professional should include the words “constant change”. To really excel you need to know what’s working and not working and be able to differentiate between the message and the medium.  Then you can focus on making the changes that will help your company stand out and your sales teams close deals.

So how do you do it? With Insight™ from Ignite Intelligence Solutions.

Insight™ is designed to capture key input from customers, partners and sales teams around deals being won and lost and then immediately share that information with the teams that need it – like Marketing!

For a marketing organization that means understanding in real-time what’s influencing the behaviors of your prospective customers. You can gain insight on what customers are hearing, where they are going for knowledge, what messages resonate with them, and just as important – what isn’t working. All of this insight leads to more focused messaging using the right medium, resulting in more targeted marketing spend and improved sales win rates.

It all adds up to insight for marketing! Set up a proof of concept our initiate a pilot program, it’s a great way to see the effectiveness of Ignite Insight™ and can help launch your win/loss review program.


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