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Product Managers

Whether you are launching a new product to your company’s portfolio, adding new features to an existing product, or creating a product training program, feedback is critical.  Your customers have direct feedback on how your products are meeting their needs. Your sales teams have direct interaction with your entire customer base and have insight that you can benefit from.  But, instead of relying on just a few reviews or those one-off emails about what isn’t working, wouldn’t it be nice to get both positive and constructive product insight in real-time and have it consolidated from all your customers regardless of where they are located in the world?  It’s insight for product managers and it’s available through Insight™ from Ignite Intelligence Solutions.

Insight™ captures and consolidates sales force intelligence, customer and partner feedback and transforms it into actionable information that helps you focus energies and money on development and enhancements that really matter.

Its insight for product managers! Set up a proof of concept or initiate a pilot program, it’s a great way to sample the effectiveness of Ignite Insight™ in reaching all of your sales teams globally and learning from their experiences.


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