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Sales Executives

“If you’re not helping me win my next deal then you’re not helping me…”

What if we could show you that 10 minutes of your time is all it would take to help you win your next deal?  Interested?  Keep reading, or better yet just stop now and give us a quick call at 1.888.476.3369.

In a noisy, hyper-competitive, information overload digital marketplace the role of sales professional has become more daunting than ever. Insight™ from Ignite Intelligence Solutions empowers sales professionals, saving time and helping exceed quota by giving access to real-time winning tactics from their peers and competitive insight from your customers. It’s insight for sales executives.

Insight™ captures and consolidates your best sales force intelligence, customer experiences and partner feedback, transforming it all into targeted, relevant information to help successfully close deals in your sales pipeline.

Set up a proof of concept or initiate a pilot program, great ways to see the effectiveness of Ignite Insight™ in action and help launch your win/loss review program or re-energize an existing program.


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