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Why Ignite?

Ignite Intelligence Solutions is quietly changing the industry from the inside out by providing organizations with a configurable win/loss data collection and reporting environment and putting control of that environment directly in the hands of the businesses we serve. That’s why large and extraordinary companies around the world are entrusting us to help them create a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

The velocity of competitive change in sales, product management, and marketing is accelerating beyond the approach of traditional win/loss review companies. Those companies are focused on building services around conducting customer interviews and preparing quarterly analysis of the results.

We’re different! The founders of Ignite have combined their 100+ years of experience in business intelligence, traditional win-loss competitive intelligence, and sales performance to create Insight, real-time win/loss intelligence software that creates a real competitive advantage. We believe the goal of a comprehensive program should be to collect input from Customers, Partners and Sales teams and bring it all together and we’ve built Ignite Insight™ based on that philosophy.

Whether you start with just a few customer interviews, implement a sales-generated win/loss review program, or do it all, our software will help you get started and grow with you.


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