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Case Studies

We’ve included a couple of win loss review case studies to bring to life the use and benefits of Ignite Insight™ within an organization.

Case Study 1

Citrix improves sales success and intelligence gathering through Ignite Insight™

Citrix technology and solutions are in use at over 330,000 companies and by over 100 million people worldwide. They continue to experience double-digit sales growth and are closing in on three billion dollars per year in revenue. Despite this success Citrix knew they could achieve more through their sales teams. Citrix believed there was more to learn about why deals were being won or lost and they believed the entire company could benefit if they could get that information onto the screens of the individuals who could do something with it.

Read the full Citrix case study


Case Study 2

Driving improved RFP results performance through Ignite Insight™

Our customer is a significant player in the healthcare industry and secures business by responding to large corporate RFP’s that are typically managed through an industry consultant or broker. Our Customer realized there was an opportunity to learn more about why they were winning and losing deals by conducting direct interviews with the RFP consultants/brokers. After multiple interviews three things became apparent:

  1. Collecting the information in a consistent format was challenging
  2. Getting the results into the hands of those who could benefit from it was very difficult
  3. Tying results together from multiple interviews in an actionable format was next to impossible

Read the full program case study

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